Where is St Martins?

Forthcoming Events

Carol Concert - East Bridge Chorale Dec 12th
Memorial Carols Dec 6th

Memorial Carol Service 
Lighting of Christmas Tree

3:30 pm Sunday 6th December

Organised by A.Welch & Sons Ltd - Funeral Services - Funeral Director in Herne Bay & Canterbury the carol service aimed to provide those who came along with an opportunity to remember their loved ones and hang a wish or token of remembrance on a Christmas tree.


Join us for Mince Pies and Mulled Wine after the service


Church Groups

Bell Ringers

The Bells are rung regularly for Sunday Service at 09:45 am, at Weddings and for National Occasions.

Practice night is on Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:00 pm.

We are always looking for people to come forward to learn to ring.

Contact keith@cuthberthb.com

Sunday School

On the first Sunday the young people take part in the All Age Sunday Service.

On other Sundays Sunday School takes place during the first part of the Sunday Service splitting to groups except on the first Sunday of the month, the teenagers leaving to have an activity at the Smugglers Pub whilst other young people have an activity in the Ridley Room within the Church

House Groups

All are welcome to our House groups that meet regularly at various church member 's homes during the month.

Please contact the Elaine (01227370256) to find out further details of where a Prayer Group is meeting when and where.


The choir sings for services each week, and practises weekly on Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.
The Choir also as required sing at Weddings, Funerals and the Christmas Carol Concert

We always looking for new members.

Please contact Susan Record susan@cuthberthb.com for further information

Advent Course

Fellowship Group, 3pm at 3 Plough Court Broomfield - Advent Course

25th November Session 1 - for the newcomer
2nd December Session 2 - for the stranger
9th December Session 3 - for what really matters
16th December Session 4 - for God
Facilitator: John Scott 01227 740276

Youth Ministry

Friday Youth

Friday Youth is on Fridays (!) at 6pm to 7.30pm in the Institute hall and is open to young people in year groups 6 to 10, with older young people often staying to help lead. We play games, do craft, cook, chat, guzzle tuck, share a short reflection on life and Jesus and generally chill out. ( contact the vicar Elaine 370256 for info)

Schools Out

Schools Out! is a club held in the Junior school after school on Fridays and is led by Sarah McMullen (362661) This is a fun and active group for children from year 3 to year 6 ( with the older year 6 children becoming helpers if they wish or attending the older group in the Institute Hall.

Sunday Youth

During the first part of the Sunday service and the teens meet in church and then go together to the Pub opposite for their session except the 1st Sunday of the month.


Little Fishes at St Peters

Come along and meet other local mums

Look forward to meeting you!

Other Information

We are open every Friday in term times from 9.30 - 11.30

Tea, toast and biscuits

Secure outside play area for sunny days £1.00 per family


Toddlers group Institute Hall Herne
Toddlers, babies and carers groups
Term Time Only
Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM
Family Friendly creche Coffee

St Peters

Community Cafe
Community Cafe

A coffee morning for the residents of Greenhill. Raffle usually in aid of Help for Heroes.
Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM for 2 hours

About Us

We are a small but friendly congregation. St Peter's is a multi use building and so has good facilities. Our worship maximises the informality that this building naturally creates. We have many activities here from Friday Little Fishes parent and Toddler /baby group, a Community Cafe on Tuesday Mornings for older people, a community lunch, Messy church every month, Holy Communion and All age services.

Welcome to The Parish of St Martin in Herne and St Peters Greenhill

We are a family friendly church that balances a central church tradition in a beautiful ancient place of worship. We encourage a mixed economy of worship and hope that there is something for everyone.

We have a range of different worship services and our monthly (usually!) evening services encompass Taize, Sung evensong, Holy Communion, Healing services, tea/ Cakes with songs of praise etc.

We are building up a small groups and social activities as well as service to the wider community and those in need.

Do pop in or ring to find out more. We aim to welcome you as Christ welcomes us all.

History of St Martins

Future Events

Memorial Carol Service at St Martins 3:30pm Sunday 6th Dec --- Carols around the Yew Tree 7:30pm with Mince Pies and Mulled Wine --- East Bridge Chorale Carol Concert Saturday December 12th 6:00 pm at St Martins 

Elaine's Retirement

Statement from Bishop Trevor

I am immensely grateful to all of you for your care and love of Elaine and Jim during these very difficult months. After much consideration and with the support of those whom Elaine trusts, particularly her GP, Elaine has decided to seek early retirement with immediate effect. I would ask you to continue to hold Elaine in your prayers.

Please also pray for Estella, the churchwardens and the leadership team who will hold the ongoing care of the parish over the next months pending a fresh appointment process. You will understand I'm sure that timings etc cannot yet be precisely determined but it looks as though Elaine's retirement will take place from 31 January 2016.
With my prayers and blessing

+ Trevor

Christmas Services

Elaine's Farewell

Dear friends,

It is with such sadness that I came to the decision to leave ministry among
you all. Despite being off sick for 6 months and attempting to return 3
times, I have seen no improvement. It is not fair to keep you all suspended
in a sort of limbo of uncertainty and not fair on Estella either, and so with
much prayer I reached the conclusion that retiring early was the right
decision for us all.

It hurts me very much that I will be unable to say goodbye personally, but I
am just not well enough.

Over these last 2 weeks I have been trying to clear my study (5 car loads of
paper and one equivalent burnt), and ensuring that a large number of files
are kept and in good order for future use. (What I do with the books we
are not taking I am unsure!) Such memories of the last 8 years have been
rekindled; massive fun so often, the 700 year anniversary celebrations,
Church fire, 3 burglaries, dancing with older people at numerous St Peter
events, working (or rather playing!) with children and gorging pizzas with
teenagers. You have opened your hearts and lives to me as I have
ministered, and as we have together tried to share God's love here in our
community. The most precious memories are the individual conversations,
prayer times together, the hard times shared, as well as the pure joy spent
with you. The ordinal describes God's people as treasure and that is how I
think of you all. Individual, beautiful, precious, and beloved of God. THANK
YOU for the privilege of those moments.

However I also acknowledge that I am flawed, and so I ask for God's
forgiveness for where I have fallen, and without knowing it, hurt people. I
know that this is bound to have been the case. So please forgive my

I would so much like to thank my earthly rock, Jlm, who has been
completely and utterly supportive (mostly unseen), from feeding me, doing
the weekly sheets when Charlotte was having babies, setting up / clearing
up for Messy church and All Age services, turning up at short notice to
mend the sound system just before a funeral, creating notelets and cards

for sale, and it goes on... Thank you Jlrn, is not enough.

When an incumbent (or curate) leaves a parish it is only fair and right that
they enable the next vicar to minister freely and the parish to develop. I
intend to enable this to happen. Jim and I are moving to Monmouthshire,
on the edge of Wales and the Wye valley. We will welcome news and even
visitors, (yes really!), but I pledge not to interfere with your future parish

Someone reminded me of something I said a few years back, "If God
brought you to it, He will see you through it", completely forgotten by me,
but this is true now for all of us. As Jim and I leave to seek healing, you (as
a parish) are facing a really exciting time. We are on the verge of major
repairs to the church and future reordering, having a fantastic architect
who is guiding and using her skills to support and be supported by an eager
competent parish team. I hope that in a few years time I would not
recognise St Martin's if I walked inl You will also be embarking on
reviewing where you as a parish are now, and where and how you want to
go forward, in order to seek God's guidance for a new vicar to be part of
the next stage of your journey. He/she will have different skills and gifts
from mine and together you will move on, with God's love and care, to
grow as individual disciples and as a parish radiating God's love in the
community. This is so exciting for you all.

My prayers wilt be with you each day and I will eagerly await your news of
a new vicar.

The LORD Bless you and keep YOU
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.


Where is St Peters?

Next 7 Days Services/Events

Tuesday December 1
10:00AM -
Toddler Group, Herne Institute
Tuesday December 1
10:00AM -
Community Cafe St Peters
Wednesday December 2
09:00AM - 09:30AM
Service of the Word
Wednesday December 2
03:00PM - 04:00PM
Fellowship Advent Grroup
Wednesday December 2
08:00PM - 09:00PM
Bellringing Practice
Friday December 4
10:00AM -
Little Fishes at St Peters
Friday December 4
03:15PM -
After School Club
Friday December 4
06:00PM -
Youth Club Institute Hall
Sunday December 6
08:00AM -
Holy Communion St Martins
Sunday December 6
09:45AM -
Family Service
Please contact our Curate Rev Estella Last for Enquiries about Services, Baptisms and Funerals

EMail: estellalast@gmail.com Tel: 01227 206272

For Weddings contact our Churchwarden Mr Nigel Newton Tel: 01227 374466

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HLF Grant Towards the Restoration Of St Martins

St Martin's PCC is pleased to announce that St Martin's church has received initial support with "a first-round pass" of up to £286,500, which represents 80% of total project costs of £358,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the conservation, restoration and repair of the exterior stonework

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